If you’re not already eating naked, you should be. No, we don’t mean literally eating naked. We mean filling up your diet with more nutritious, unprocessed foods. You can also forget about counting calories. Nutritional therapist Margaret Floyd has just released Eat Naked, a book geared towards making a healthy diet simple and achievable by replacing harmful overly


An Oregon-based start-up called Agilyx is turning heads with its economically viable technology for turning waste plastics of all types into synthetic crude oil. The company is eyeing plastic handlers and recyclers as potential customers, and has recently received an additional $22 million from a group of prominent investors. The company’s 8-vessel system heats up

A national reach study on plastic recycling collection sponsored by the American Chemistry Council (ACC) was released this month. The study was conducted to determine what percentage of the American population has access to recycling different types of plastics. It found that 94% of Americans had access to PET and HDPE bottle and cap recycling and