A few years back, local luminaries, Vancouver community members and distant celebrities came together to discuss solutions for a safe planet as part of a UN initiative. Great music included. Video below:


Is your extraordinary non-profit organization missing out on amazing opportunities to communicate with your supporters and even find new ones by choosing ordinary, business-as-usual sourcing options? Are you not getting the support you anticipated when you designed and marketed your merchandise program? Do you find that too many of those t-shirts and ball caps you


Unearthing the true value of audits Compliancy audits purport to ensure ethical production standards. They are used by multinationals and smaller companies alike to ensure that the factory conditions and production methods are responsible, safe and sustainable, and that workers are compensated fairly. In light of recent attention to labour conditions and environmental hazards (especially


The Challenge: Cowpower BC uses the byproducts of BC farming processes, like food waste and cow manure, as a renewable power source. Since they already embody the ideals of innovation and sustainability, our challenge was this: how could we help them share their story through ethically produced, environmentally sustainable, cost effective promotional items? The Solution: