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Recycled PET, or RPET, is one of the most popular materials for promotional products. RPET is made from used packaging and bottles. Choosing RPET over virgin plastic saves a lot of energy and raw materials.  It also demonstrates a commitment to environmental production and ethical marketing. Why is RPET one of the perfect materials for promotional


The first stage in a project is seeing the client and figuring out their needs. The truth is a lot of clients don’t know what their needs are. They haven’t been asked the right questions, and they’re not used to telling the stories that will get them the long-term results they want. Typical promotional products

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There’s a lot of buzz going around about 3D printing. People are saying that it’s going to be the next computer in everyone’s home. It’s a cool technology, but I’m not fully sold. Why? One word: plastic. Plastic is the raw material used by (most) 3D printers. And plastics (as you know) last pretty much


Today I’m going to tell you about one of the experiences that set me on my current path. Early in my career, I worked with Grant Wellington, producing high-quality snowboards in Vancouver. This was top of the line equipment, made in a well-maintained factory with high safety standards and well-paid workers. I was about to


I get really excited when I have the opportunity to help a manufacturer become more socially compliant. The reality is that a lot of manufacturers have the desire to build better, but might not have the resources or knowledge to do it. When I go to meet suppliers, I always send an email beforehand to


Maybe you already buy recycled poly or PET. Lots of great companies do. Maybe you just think you do. Unfortunately, not all producers do a full chain-of-custody audit. They don’t know where their bottle recyclers, mills and yarn suppliers might be cutting corners. When you don’t know where your plastic is coming from, it’s not

White plastic flakes from a plastic recycling facility. (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources/Flickr)

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a material that commonly appears in everything from drink containers to carpets. It’s also one of the most widely (and easily) recycled materials on the planet. We use it a ton, and that’s a good thing. Here’s why: Reduced need for virgin plastic When companies pick rPET over new plastic, they’re


Many promotional item campaigns focus on producing a whole whack of items for customers. To some degree, this makes sense. Customers do, after all, pay the bills. But if you think that’s the only group you should keep in mind for promotional products, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity: your own employees. Your employees

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Join us as we examine in depth ways to reduce our carbon footprints. We’ll be going over how they help you cut back, but also how they might fail at improving your footprint. In past installments, we’ve covered carbon footprints of biking, housing, and lighting. Today’s topic:  telecommuting. Telecommuting, or working from home, is a


Winter is here. Perhaps you’ve been drinking hot chocolate and making snowmen, or curling up to binge watch TV series. In Vancouver, winter means slogging through rain just a little bit colder than usual. But winter should also make us think about our carbon footprint. On one hand, winter means we can often save on air conditioning for our homes


We all agree that it’s important to reduce our carbon footprints, and we all have a vague idea of what sorts of activities we could do to make this happen. However, when we make decisions to give up driving or go vegetarian, we don’t always know exactly what’s happening. In this series, we’ll try to


Incandescent lighting was revolutionary when it was developed in the 19th century. But, compared to LEDs and CFLs, incandescents are inefficient and short lived. “But,” you say, “LED bulbs are still too expensive. Should I switch to LED lighting? How much will I save from LED lighting? And just how good are LED lights?” Nobel-prize-winning