The last 30 years have shown produced a significant shift in product sourcing, most notably how and where products are being produced. More and more production has moved overseas to low labour-cost countries in Asia and elsewhere. This shift has inevitably made verifying an ethical supply chain extremely difficult. Since it requires immense vigilance to


Over the last 5-10 years, Secret Santa has become the go to holiday inter-office gift exchange game. Ideally, the game puts the onus upon each staff member to learn a little bit about the person whose name they’ve drawn so that they can pick out a suitable gift for them. It can be a great


The 2014 Sport Innovation Summit brought together 24 of the brightest luminaries in sports and sports apparel. This Thursday, Ethical Profiling founder Kemp Edwards spoke on the possibility of sustainable sports merchandising. Pictured below, Kemp takes the stage with Nike’s Christiaan Barnard, ESPN’s Mauricio Pedroza, and Adidas’ Antonio Zea. For us, one of the key innovations in sports


A few years back, local luminaries, Vancouver community members and distant celebrities came together to discuss solutions for a safe planet as part of a UN initiative. Great music included. Video below:


Is your extraordinary non-profit organization missing out on amazing opportunities to communicate with your supporters and even find new ones by choosing ordinary, business-as-usual sourcing options? Are you not getting the support you anticipated when you designed and marketed your merchandise program? Do you find that too many of those t-shirts and ball caps you


Unearthing the true value of audits Compliancy audits purport to ensure ethical production standards. They are used by multinationals and smaller companies alike to ensure that the factory conditions and production methods are responsible, safe and sustainable, and that workers are compensated fairly. In light of recent attention to labour conditions and environmental hazards (especially


The Challenge: Cowpower BC uses the byproducts of BC farming processes, like food waste and cow manure, as a renewable power source. Since they already embody the ideals of innovation and sustainability, our challenge was this: how could we help them share their story through ethically produced, environmentally sustainable, cost effective promotional items? The Solution:


It’s not every day that we get to boast about our clients. Come to think of it… we DO rave about our clients just about every day. There are some clients that the more you learn about them the more that you love them. These are companies that embody the principles that animate Ethical Profiling


Sourcing your products ethically — truly ethically — can take a lot of time, effort and knowledge. It’s never as simple as walking into the supermarket and buying things marketed as “Green” or “Ethical”, or logging on to and getting quick and easy ISO9001 accreditation. It requires a lot of time. It requires a

Ethical Profiling is proud to have been able to support the Bell “Let’s Talk” program and Clara’s Big Ride by sourcing quality, ethically produced gear for Clara’s support staff. Through “Let’s Talk,” Bell has been drawing significant attention to widely stigmatized and oft ignored mental health issues that affect millions of Canadians. Clara’s Big Ride


Ethical Profiling was pleased to partner with Translink on the design and development of their environmentally friendly olympic uniforms. Transit officials on Skytrains, Buses and other transit systems in the lower mainland were highly visible and showed their commitment to sustainability by incorporating Recycled PET material into their “look of the games”.

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If you’re not already eating naked, you should be. No, we don’t mean literally eating naked. We mean filling up your diet with more nutritious, unprocessed foods. You can also forget about counting calories. Nutritional therapist Margaret Floyd has just released Eat Naked, a book geared towards making a healthy diet simple and achievable by replacing harmful overly