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I’d like a quote ASAP, what info do I need to provide you?

These our ‘Top 5’ questions. If you know the answers to these we’ll be able to quote quickly and accurately!

  1. What is the total quantity you are seeking?
  2. When do you need the product in hand?
  3. Do you have your logo in high res vector format that you can supply to us?
  4. Who is your target audience?
  5. Have you explored any options for up-cycling anything from your waste stream or from your potential recipients?

Why should we choose to work with Ethical Profiling Ltd. over any other promotional products supplier?

Ethical Profiling Ltd. vets all of the products we offer for the purposes of guaranteeing quality and ensuring social and environmental responsibility at manufacturing. Most promotional products suppliers simply link their websites to the 10’s of thousands of products offered through industry platforms such as ASI and PPAI or PPPC. We won’t and can’t do this as there is no way of vetting all of those products through our social compliance requirements and/or of knowing what quality these items are without first seeing them and then asking the supplier numerous questions about them.

What are normal production and delivery times?

This varies from product to product but most of the items we offer have a 4-6 week production time and 1 week for delivery. If you need your goods faster than that, let us know and we will try our best to accommodate that.

Do you price match items from other suppliers?

We are always interested in learning what other suppliers are able to offer products for and are willing to price match provided that the product and quantity is the same.  If we need to send an audit team in to ensure that a product you must have comes from a compliant manufacturer, we are transparent with the cost of doing so and may even absorb that cost if we recognize that this supplier provides opportunity for future business.

Is the cost of delivery included in a quote?

We do not include shipping costs in prices quoted as we service clients all over the world, some need them express shipped, some incur duties, etc…

Do you build custom products?

Yes, we regularly work with clients to conceptualize, design and produce custom pieces. Wherever and whenever possible, we encourage our clients to look at their waste stream and we help them upcycle that waste into a viable promotional or gifting item.  We are also a leader in the industry for custom apparel – especially for items built from recycled pet, organic cotton, modal and other environmentally conscious fabrics.

Do you take any products back at the end of their use?

Yes, we firmly believe in designing “closed loop” programs and we encourage clients to send back any items that they no longer have any use for. We are partnered with *De-Brand for the responsible recycling, upcycling, or disposal of our clients programs bearing in mind that protecting their mark is of utmost importance.

Is there a specific format for submitting logos?

Yes, we need all logos in vector format. A high resolution EPS file or a vector based PDF or AI file are the preferred formats.


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