Ethical Profiling provides assistance to corporate organizations in a number of manners. Our business services are divided between 2 main categories:


We work with an extensive team of specialists with a great deal of knowledge and experience on helping companies improve in terms of corporate social responsibility. Sometimes this is in small measures like waste reduction and reducing energy consumption at an office level. In other cases, our team may help re-work logistics channels, find eco-conscious replacements for the materials you work with or even help restructure your organization to reduce your carbon footprint, and improve your staff retention and job satisfaction.


Custom sourcing and manufacturing of environmentally friendly promotional products is at the core of Ethical Profiling’s business practices. Whenever possible we work with our clients to close the loop on their promotional product. Essentially, we’ll try to use your “waste” to create a green promo product you can use and tell people about. When this just isn’t possible, we’ll source alternate eco-conscious materials to work with so that we can build a program for you that is dynamic, functional, stylish, and expresses your commitment to eco friendly items. A lot of what we do is designing and producing environmentally friendly promotional items and uniforms, though this in no way encapsulates our potential.

We utilize the latest technology and trends to create customized, eco friendly promotional products that offer cutting edge performance.
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Sourcing Eco-Conscious Sustainable Products

We work with all of the major suppliers of Environmentally Friendly Promotional Products. Many of the ‘major’ promo products suppliers have started on the route to developing and supplying sustainable promotional items. Were on their speed-dial when they’re developing new items and we’ve got access to their existing items at preferred prices.

Custom imprinted and branded promotional products (ex: Environmentally Friendly Imprinted lanyards)

We can brand almost any existing or new promotional product in a variety of different ways. Send us your logo or allow us to help you develop the mark you are looking for and we’ll help you brand your program. We’ll work with you to determine if you want your mark to POP or be more subdued and we’ll recommend the best way for achieving this.

Trade Show Giveaways & Client and Employee Gifts

It’s nice to be able to thank someone for visiting you at your tradeshow booth with an environmentally friendly tradeshow giveaway. It’s also nice to be remembered when your customer or better yet future client is looking at the piece you gave them somewhere in the future. What isn’t nice is a bunch of junk that ends up in the landfill. That’s why we work with you to produce high visible impact but low environmental impact promotional products and tradeshow giveaways to thank your customers with.

Designing and Producing Custom Eco-Conscious Sustainable Products

Yes… it’s true, what you are looking for may not yet exist - this is what really invigorates us. We have an in-house team of fashion designers and industrial designers who will help you develop new eco-conscious promotional products. We’ll source the raw material required, help you design your custom product, then work with our third party audited manufacturing partners both overseas and domestically to make your product a reality.

Corporate Custom Apparel

We maintain stock in a number of eco-conscious fabrics and environmentally friendly textiles in a wide a variety of colors. When we get an order, we pull the fabric in the colors that we need, and cut and sew the garment. Custom manufacturing takes between three to five weeks. Please allow more time if we need to engineer a new fabric for you or produce a fabric in a specific pantone colour. We can provide any kind of decoration; embroidery, silk-screening, sublimation, heat transfer, and custom notions (neck labels, side-tabs, zipper-pulls, etcetera). We offer virtual samples that show the item(s) that you have chosen, in the colorway that you are interested in, with the logo/artwork in any location (sample 1 (PDF 6 MB ) & sample 2 (PDF 6 MB)). We frequently prepare virtual sample presentations with several different merchandised options.