Plastic bottle on the beach

Recycled PET, or RPET, is one of the most popular materials for promotional products. RPET is made from used packaging and bottles. Choosing RPET over virgin plastic saves a lot of energy and raw materials.  It also demonstrates a commitment to environmental production and ethical marketing. Why is RPET one of the perfect materials for promotional


Maybe you already buy recycled poly or PET. Lots of great companies do. Maybe you just think you do. Unfortunately, not all producers do a full chain-of-custody audit. They don’t know where their bottle recyclers, mills and yarn suppliers might be cutting corners. When you don’t know where your plastic is coming from, it’s not


Ethical Profiling was pleased to partner with Translink on the design and development of their environmentally friendly olympic uniforms. Transit officials on Skytrains, Buses and other transit systems in the lower mainland were highly visible and showed their commitment to sustainability by incorporating Recycled PET material into their “look of the games”.

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