3d printing

There’s a lot of buzz going around about 3D printing. People are saying that it’s going to be the next computer in everyone’s home. It’s a cool technology, but I’m not fully sold. Why? One word: plastic. Plastic is the raw material used by (most) 3D printers. And plastics (as you know) last pretty much


I get really excited when I have the opportunity to help a manufacturer become more socially compliant. The reality is that a lot of manufacturers have the desire to build better, but might not have the resources or knowledge to do it. When I go to meet suppliers, I always send an email beforehand to


The 2014 Sport Innovation Summit brought together 24 of the brightest luminaries in sports and sports apparel. This Thursday, Ethical Profiling founder Kemp Edwards spoke on the possibility of sustainable sports merchandising. Pictured below, Kemp takes the stage with Nike’s Christiaan Barnard, ESPN’s Mauricio Pedroza, and Adidas’ Antonio Zea. For us, one of the key innovations in sports


It’s not every day that we get to boast about our clients. Come to think of it… we DO rave about our clients just about every day. There are some clients that the more you learn about them the more that you love them. These are companies that embody the principles that animate Ethical Profiling