Vlog: Empowering and Educating Manufacturers

by / Friday, 08 May 2015 / Published in Vlog

I get really excited when I have the opportunity to help a manufacturer become more socially compliant. The reality is that a lot of manufacturers have the desire to build better, but might not have the resources or knowledge to do it.

When I go to meet suppliers, I always send an email beforehand to explain our needs. If suppliers meet our environmental and social compliancy standards, that’s great, but when they don’t but are willing, that’s also great. That’s an opportunity. I explain that it’s not a fast process, but it is a really rewarding one, especially since more and more buyers are considering compliance as a selling point (or even an essential).

When a supplier brings on a consultant to help them meet rigorous social and environmental standards, that’s when we make a real, lasting impact. It might mean working fire escapes or healthier working environments or better material use for that factory and its workers. But, in the big picture, it pushes the whole industry in the right direction.