Vlog: First steps for an ethical promotional program

by / Friday, 29 May 2015 / Published in Vlog

The first stage in a project is seeing the client and figuring out their needs. The truth is a lot of clients don’t know what their needs are. They haven’t been asked the right questions, and they’re not used to telling the stories that will get them the long-term results they want.

Typical promotional products makers often just drop a bunch of catalogues with their clients, and the clients pick whatever. Mugs, sweatshirts and other mass-produced shwag.

That’s not what we do. In our eyes, a good promotional product tells a client’s story. It’s not just a logo on whatever. It’s designed to show off the client’s story and reach their end audience. This might be the client’s staff — to energize them with great uniforms or show appreciation with gifts. This might also be consumers.

No matter the client, no matter the target audience, telling a good story with a custom product that is in-line with the goals of the company, is going to be more memorable, longer-lived and longer-loved than a generic piece of branded junk.

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